Client: Mary DeMocker

Mary has been a client for many years, for several websites, social media graphics and image editing. Her robust website includes special functionality for a rollover gallery highlighting her activist projects, Paypal integration and more. As an author, speaker, and climate activist she needed a high profile site that could handle lots of traffic with great SEO and fast page load times. We work together frequently to keep new content flowing into the site and her Mailchimp account. Awesome!

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Karen is great to work with! She’s professional, relaxed, upfront, and thorough. I like how accessible she is when I’m hot on a project. She’s a great communicator, good listener, and patient when explaining what some of my sometimes-naive ideas might actually entail. The site she designed is beautiful and multi-faceted, and many people over the years have given me that feedback. As an author, I’m very happy with how well it works for staying in touch with and building my audience. 

Mary DeMocker