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Client: Fun Fancy Bowties

Kelly Durian needed a fresh new e-commerce solution for her small home business selling suspenders and bowties. Her aesthetic is cute and modern, with plenty of authenticity! With bold colors and a clean look, and exciting shopping functionality to delight the viewer, this WordPress site hit the mark. The theme features a “spray” of hearts when you click the wishlist button, lightbox “closer look” for products, multiple product images gallery, upsells with “Related Products” and “You May Also Like” sections and much more. 

“Thanks a million for all your work and kindness with this website project. And your patience! I’m so grateful to have you on my side- it means a lot to be able to “work shop” in person and to know help is there- and friendly! Plus I’m super excited about the website- it looks great! Thank you.”

Kelly Durian